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Art dump of massiveness. [Dec. 9th, 2006|03:07 pm]
Doodle Live - A Private Sketch Blog
My god she's still alive. !! Here's a nice exploding entry chronicling the random things I've done this semester.

I'm working totally out of order, but at least this one is actually the more recent one I've done. It has been cold in Florida, and cold me makes snowing drawings, because in Florida, it's like some magic mystery thing. But the larger reason for doing this was because up until a week ago, I had to go to New York to fetch my grandmother. Which reminded me of a similar situation, which caused this picture so many years ago. On another note, I've also read some of my old writings, and Phib has decided had he known his younger self, he might have had to end his life early on. I am amused how he's changed over the years. Now he never shaves and wears ties. Oh, anarchist Phib, how you must be weeping.

For some inane reason, I did this picture the size it's shown here, and I have yet to be able relineart it. So I think it's dead. But I still like my mush, so I am happy.

Drawn whilst subjecting myself to Silent Hill again, which I'm not quite sure why that happened. I think Phib/Amy are relieved they don't have to fight giant men with triangles for heads or accidently become impregnated with the vengeful spirts of wrathful gods. [As am I.]

Random WIP for a contest that I decided I had no time to finish. ;~; Oh well.

For my gaia profile layout, Amélie being just pretty. I regret I didn't spend more time on it.

Kamal, who is now an adult, from SOA. His fleas seduce you.

But they don't quite work on Kilua, who also grew.

November was that writing month thing, and although I didn't sign up, I decided I'd write 50k words for November. <3 Which, I've happily done, but I'm not quite done with the snippet I was writing yet. Completely ignore Phib, he's still just in placemarker stage.

In fact. Ignore this picture.

[Phib has a habit of getting beaten up and getting thrown in Jail. I've always hated the old Red Mountain picture, and a small writing I did for it at about the same time, so I'm glad to at least rehash it. Amelie sings to him. Which probably isn't helping him any.]

Gaia sig for Halloween. <3 The full version was never finished because I didn't have the time, but I liked the idea of Hayden cross-dressing as Phib's hooker. Phib was not happy about that, who would have rathered Amy and Jenna take up that position.

Half of a failed digital painting of Amélie. I still weep. Let us not discuss it further. XD

The one good thing that came out of it was that I finally got a good picture of what a Fair's eyes look like. So, Amy's eyes. They're kind of wiggy.

Ooolld. But I do love my noodle head.

Phib scribbly.

Phib's love is easily bought by compliments and cheap booze. Socrates is going to have to work harder to get slot 2 back. But that might be hard, considering he's dead.

My girlies- Jenna, Elia, and Amélie looking all sketchdoodlely. My sketches are like an explosion of confusing lines and places. This one, unlike the other two WIP, may actually get finished after the holidays. Mostly because Jenna and Elia are going to revolt for lack of images.

A draft for a final project in Ringling, which ended up looking nothing like this. But, I'll throw it in anyways.

Ringling draft, advertising to kids

Demo for my card satire template.

And, I think that's the end. I hope so, at least. D8!!


[User Picture]From: pheep
2006-12-10 08:14 am (UTC)
Eee these are awesome. I'm diggin Amelie's new perm. ;O Also, Barbie ad makes me laaaugh, and the other draft is really pretty. It reminds me of the random (& thoroughly unproductive) curlicue designs I draw during class, except, a lot cooler.

Also: There had better be an Extream card in that set. AT LEAST ONE.
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[User Picture]From: onlove
2010-02-12 04:05 am (UTC)
Come back to us D:
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